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In India, Bangalore has the distinction of being the most preferred city for expats relocating to India and is also considered as the medical hub of South India due to its unique combination of World class infrastructure along with a climate that makes your stay enjoyable…
Chisel DENTAL is a super-specialty center offering dental services in routine and advanced dental treatments with expertise and experience in treatment planning; co- ordination and execution of treatments for outstation patients from India and abroad to ensure completion of treatments within stipulated time..



Our main branch is at Koramangala- the heart of the city – that boasts of the best of everything in bangalore . For people unaware of the places to stay in;we guide you to the reputed stay options around the area within close proximity to the clinic. Travel arrangements for all our guests during their dental visits or leisure trips are executed to perfection.



We ensure sterilized private treatment rooms and imported equipments (european make). With a separate monitored sterilization chamber and highly qualified m.d.s doctors ; you can be assured that your treatment protocol and experience is at par with the best international standards.

Availability of the latest digital x –rays,Lasers, intra oral cameras and dental loupes helps our skilled team to deliver outstanding results. The Best results are further ensured with the use of internationally renowned brands such as Nobel Biocare and Osstem in Implants, Rotary instruments(protapers) and apex locators in Root canal; 3M, procera, Dentsply,Ivoclar IPS e-max in crowns which also come with authentication certificates from the companies per se for each individual work and all restorative work with 3M and Ivoclar materials carried out by M.D.S. qualified dentists with additional global training allowing international quality of treatment at an affordable pricing..


The Treatment charges for most treatments are already listed on our website irrespective of where our prospective patient is viewing from and we are always available at just a mail’s distance.



Most treatments whether SMILE DESIGNING, COSMETIC DENTISTRY, or IMPLANTS can be combined to be completed within 10 days; with just 3-4 visits to the clinic , leaving you with plenty of leisure time.


All international patients are only treated by experienced M.D.S. qualified dentists [which is the most intensive the longest post graduate training program] who are also academically inclined which ensures they are always up-to-date with the latest in the field of dentistry.

Our expert team of dentists has a collective experience of over 30 years in the field of dentistry. The clinic has an impressive track record of high quality results and long standing relationships with patients in India and abroad. All the consultants, where required, are selected by the Director based on their skill, qualification and passion for work. Apart from being competent doctors they are also gentle and compassionate human beings.

The constant inflow of Non Resident Indians and Expatriats from developed countries like the USA,UK,Australia Germany and Switzerland stands as a testimonial to the standard of care that we provide.

Here, we strive to ensure World Class treatment in all aspects of dentistry, while keeping the gentle family dentistry spirit and atmosphere still alive.

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