Dental Fluorosis
Dental fluorosis treatmentFluorosis is a condition that affects teeth which is caused by too much consumption of fluoride at an age group of 8 years in one's life.To avoid this condition it is better to supervise the brushing habit of the children.

Some of the preventive measures includes 1)Use pea size quantity of toothpaste for children under 6 yrs. 2)It is better to avoid the toothpaste with flavors which encourage as to swallow 3)Better to keep away fluoride products out of reach from children. It is advisable to have an idea how much child should consume fluoride

Treatment of Dental Fluoride
1)The consumption of Fluoride affects only the appearance of the teeth not gums or cavity.The best treatment for Dental Fluorosis is to mask the stains.
2)In the severe case of fluorosis it is mask with Dental bonding,Dental crowns or Dental Veneers.  
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